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Successful development of domestic ultra-low temperature sensors

In order to monitor the temperature changes during the operation of quantum chips in real-time and understand the operating status of refrigerators, researchers from Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center have successfully developed a domestically produced quantum computing ultra-low temperature sensor, which researchers vividly refer to as a "quantum chip thermometer".

This sensor is fully independently developed by Benyuan Quantum Computing Technology (Hefei) Co., Ltd. It supports real-time temperature monitoring and can accurately measure the temperature range of 10mK to 40K. It is suitable for various dilution refrigerators and is easy to install and use. It has been put into use in domestic quantum computers, providing critical support for quantum computer systems.

This is an important achievement for China's temperature measurement technology in the field of extremely low temperatures to reach the international advanced level, and also an important step towards achieving independent and controllable quantum computers in China.



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